Program Application

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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 3 days
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 13.50%

    Terms and Conditions
    Please read our terms and conditions carefully before you join affiliate program. These terms and conditions are written in plain language intentionally avoiding legalese to ensure that they may be clearly understood and followed by affiliates. Each Affiliate must, and is responsible for assuring that its employees, agents and contractors, comply with these terms and conditions as well as our Terms of Use ("TOU"). If there is a conflict between these Terms and the TOU, these Terms will control. These Terms are subject to change and, if you disagree with any change or modification, your only option is to discontinue your participation the Program. Your continued use of the Program after any change or modification means that you agree to the modified/changed Terms.
    Thank you.


    As utilized in these Terms: (I) "We", "us", or "our" refers to NepaCrafts Product. what's more, our site; (ii) "you" or "your" refers to the Affiliate; (iii) "our site" refers to our properties situated at; (iv) "your site" alludes to any sites that you will connect to our site; (v) "Program" alludes to our Affiliate Program.

    Site Restrictions

    Your partaking website(s) may not: 

    1. Encroach on our or any other individual's licensed innovation, exposure, protection or different rights. 

    2. Abuse any law, principle or guideline. 

    3. Contain any substance that is undermining, bugging, disparaging, foul, unsafe to minors, or contains nakedness, sex        entertainment or explicitly express materials. 

    4. Contain any infections, Trojan ponies, worms, time bombs, cancel bots, or other PC programming schedules that are proposed to harm, meddle with, clandestinely catch or dispossess any framework, information, or individual data. 

    5. Contain programming or use innovation that endeavors to catch, occupy or divert Internet traffic to or from some other site, or that conceivably empowers the redirection of partner commissions from another site. This incorporates toolbars, program modules, augmentations and additional items.

    Linking to our Website
    Upon acceptance into the Program, links will be made available to you through the affiliate interface. Your acceptance in our program means you agree to and abide by the following.
    1. You will only use linking code obtained from the affiliate interface without manipulation.
    2. All domains that use your affiliate link must be listed in your affiliate profile.
    3. Your Website will not in any way copy, resemble, or mirror the look and feel of our Website. You will also not use any means to create the impression that your Website is our Website or any part of our Website including, without limitation, framing of our Website in any manner.
    4. You may not engage in cookie stuffing or include pop-ups, false or misleading links on your website. In addition, wherever possible, you will not attempt to mask the referring url information (i.e. the page from where the click is originating).
    5. Using redirects to bounce a click off of a domain from which the click did not originate in order to give the appearance that it came from that domain is prohibited.
    On the off chance that you are found diverting connects to cover up or control their unique source, your present and past commissions will be voided or your bonus level will be set to 0%. This does exclude utilizing "out" diverts from a similar space where the member connection is set.

    Coupon Guidelines

    If you are enrolled in our Program and your Website promotes coupon codes, you must adhere to our Coupon Guidelines as follows:

    1. You may ONLY advertise coupon codes that are provided to you through the affiliate program.
    2. Posting any information about how to work around the requirements of a coupon/promotion (ie first time customers only) will result in removal from the program.
    3. Coupons must be displayed in their entirety with the full offer, valid expiration date and code.
    4. You may NOT use any technology that covers up the coupon code and generates the affiliate click by revealing the code(s).
    5. You may NOT advertise coupon codes obtained from any non-affiliate marketing channel, including coupon codes from our email, paid search or any other non-affiliate advertising campaigns.
    Domain Names
    Use of any of our trademarks as part of the domain or sub-domain for your website is strictly prohibited i.e. or or

    Payment for  our affiliates
    1. We will pay our affiliates every month.
    2. The affiliate does not need to reach a certain dollar amount to receive the payment.
    3. We will pay our affiliates through PayPal.

    Promotional  Method
    1.  Affiliate are allowed to use our logo.
    2. The affiliates can offer our post on a coupon website, instagram, via bulk email & google ads.

    Result in disqualified purchases
    1. Negative commentary-For example, affiliates are not allowed to tweet negatively about  the brand NepaCrafts.
    2. Offensive Content - As an example, affiliates would be forbidden from placing our link on adult themed websites.